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GCRC takes damaged clothing and cuts them into cleaning rags. All of our rags are at least 50/50 cotton for excellent absorbency. All buttons, snaps, zippers, screen prints, rivets, and other foreign objects have been removed. Custom boxes of exclusively one type of material are available upon request.

The rags are sold by the pound, typically in 25 pound boxes, but smaller quantities are available. To purchase Cleaning Rags from GCRC, contact the Donation Center at 928

Mixed Rags: The rags are a mixture of heavy weight Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Denim, and light weight cottons.The rags are perfectly suitable for vehicle / equipment maintenance and janitorial cleaning.
T-Shirt Rags: Made from exclusively from T-shirt material. T-Shirts rags cost a little more than the mixed rags but provide a more consistent quality of rags. T-Shirt Rags are ideal for painting and staining. Supplies of T-Shirt Rags are limited.
Terry Cloth: Nothing but terry cloth rags cut from old towels. The rags are very soft, good for use on surfaces that are easily scratched such as washing cars. Supplies of Terry Cloth rags are also limited.
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