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GCRC operates a non-profit Thrift Store and Recycling Center. These businesses serve as a training ground for the employment services we offer.
Thrift Store
The Thrift Store is our retail training ground. Here employees work under the supervision of a job coach to learn every aspect of working in a retail business. Employees learn how to operate a cash register, stock shelves, rotate inventory, price merchandise, work with customers, and receive inventory. The environment at the Thrift Store is fun and exciting. Employees are given opportunities to learn new skills at their own pace, while forming friendly relationships with the regular customers. Employee wages are based solely on performance, giving everyone, regardless of any disability, the opportunity to earn a competitive wage. The skills learned at GCRC are easily transferable to other retail businesses such as department stores, clothing stores, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and many other types of retail businesses.

Recycling Center
The Recycling Center serves as our Logistics training ground. At the recycling center employees are trained in all aspects of shipping and receiving. Employees learn to receive merchandise, load securement for shipping, operating vertical and horizontal bailers, working on a sort line, and working with customers. The environment at the recycling center is fast paced and energetic. At the recycling center employees pickup donations and recyclables in the delivery trucks, sort donations and recyclables, cut rags using rag cutting machines, operate bailers, and assist customers. It is a great place to work for those who really want to make a difference in our community as the recycling center recycles about 40 tons of material every month. The skills learned at the recycling center are transferable for working in shipping and receiving department, of most large retail stores, working at a production/assembly job such as in a screen print shop or label manufacture, or working for a shipping company.

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