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Donating Guidelines

BAG CLOTHING IN TRASH BAGS: Bagging clothes in trash bags is cheap, and makes the clothing easier to handle and store. Include clothing, shoes, and soft toys in the bags. Put the clothing into the blue Collection Boxes in front of the Donation Center.
REMOVE HANGERS FROM THE CLOTHING: Hangers left in the clothing can damage other clothes and possibly employees. The best way to donate clothing is to remove the hangers and bag the clothing in a trash bag. Include the hangers in the box with other household items.
DO NOT WRAP FRAGILE ITEMS IN THE CLOTHING: We have no way of knowing that fragile items are wrapped into a bag of clothes, often resulting in breakage. Wrapping fragile items in newspaper and boxing them with other household items will protect the item until it can be sorted.

KEEP PAIRS OF SHOES TOGETHER: Pairs of shoes that are bagged into separate bags are rarely reunited. Keeping pairs of shoes together by putting them into the same trash bag helps to ensure that shoe mates are found.

Packaging non-clothing items in boxes helps to protect them from breakage. Boxes are available from the Donation Center. Let the Manager know and the employees will set aside boxes for you.

ASK FOR A DONATION RECIEPT: Almost everything donated to GCRC is tax deductable.
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