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Weekly Sale Specials

Through out the month GCRC has incredible sales on everything we sell, making our low prices even lower. When do these sales happen? Every week! Below is a list of all our weekly and monthly sales, including the extremely popular Bag Sale.
Manager Special - Every Wednesday (and sometimes Mondays and Fridays also) is our Manager Special. The special can be whatever the manager decides. The sale can include, books, shoes, second hand clothing, new clothing, movies, cd's, toys, and other household items. The items included in the sale will be posted on the board in front of the store.
Children's Clothing: Children's clothing is 1/2 price every Tuesday. This includes all infant and children clothing sizes 0 - 18. It does not include new clothing, clothing accessories, toys, or infant accessories.
Senior Discount Day: Every Thursday, all second hand clothing is 1/2 price for anyone age 55 and older. Must show proof of age.
Monthly Bag Sales: Bag sale days are the first Friday of every month, all the clothing that can be put into a 13 gallon bag for $8.00. Bag sales include all second hand clothing, but from time to time the manager will include other items such as books, movies, new clothing, and other items as a part of the sale.
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